Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Epiphany proxy

Laptop yang mondar-mandir dari rumah yang proxyless ke kantor yg proxyful :) epiphany-nya jadi nggak jalan. Untuk mengubah system-wide (gnome dan xfce) proxy, bisa manggil program yang berjudul gnome-network-preferences dari terminal.

Informasi selengkapnya ada di FAQ Epihany.
Changing proxy settings

Epiphany uses the GNOME default proxies. They can be modified (session wide) by using gnome-network-preferences. The corresponding gconf keys are /system/http_proxy/host, /system/http_proxy/port, /system/http_proxy/use_http_proxy and /system/proxy/mode (set to manual).

Friday, 19 December 2008

A word about wordpress

Browsing the themes and most importantly the plugins. I find WP is awesome!

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Desktop Wiki

Finally I berlabuh ke zim.
Ini komparasinya:

Zim Tomboy Newton
Bikin buku a a a
multiple wiki b b b
Hyperlink window tab
new window
Last update 0.27 - Wed Nov 12 2008 d d
Plugins some
e e
External program email, browser, file manager f f

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

sylpheed: default account reply

Agak berbelit ketika harus nyuruh Sylpheed menggunakan current account waktu mereply email. Sepertinya ada bug disini. Tapi akhirnya tercapai juga.
Yang perlu diperhatikan adalah Configurations - Edit accouts, account yang harus ada di urutan atas (diganti webmail, default) dan restart Sylpheed (beberapa kali).
Belum posting ke milis Sylpheed.

Double boot

OS di komputer saya aseli. Bisakah saya menggunakan Linux di komputer yang sama?


Dalam proses migrasi, langkah ini diambil untuk 2 manfaat. Alasan utama dari sudut pandang user, adalah untuk pembiasaan selama proses transisi. Alasan kedua, dari sisi pengelola agar instalasi Linux yang dilakukan tidak dihapus ketika user masih ingin menggunakan OS yang lama yang sudah menjadi bagian dari keseharian.

Saturday, 13 December 2008


Alhamdulillah dibeliin cheap ZTE bundled flexi buat ngegantiin Nokia jadul yg anenanya bisa ditarik dan dibilang bisa buat ngelempar waung langsung koit.
Well, sama2 low end, dari software, masih enakan Nokia. Tapi ada fitur speakernya, so I'm happy ga perlu nempelin HP ke kuping...
Jadi inget dulu waktu ganti dari Hitachi atau apa yg ditukar-tambah 50 ribu juga rela.. Kayaknya gak serius banget sama HP CDMA, karena untuk GSM dengan senang hati pasrah pada Communicator..
Well, namanya juga second gadget. Alhamdulillah, gadgetnya nggak second hand.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

intel atom onboard

review ini menarik dan lugas

Dual Core Atom: Intel D945GCLF2 & Atom 330 Review - PAGE 1
William Henning - Tuesday, September 23rd, 2008

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Today, we are doing something different.
Last week, when going through the "what's new" list of a local supplier, I found a gem: an inexpensive mini-ITX motherboard with a dual core Atom processor. This little marvel, the Intel D945GCLF2, does not even show up on the Intel web site - other than being noted as announced during IDF. Interested in what it was capable of, I bought one on the spot.
The idea of very low power processors that are "fast enough" for many applications is starting to catch on. It would be fair to say that Asus took the world by fire with their original Eee PC, and followed it up with the highly successful Eee PC 901 - spawning a whole new "netbook" category of sub-notebook computers with enough processing power for Internet access and every day tasks. Mind you, Asus dropped the ball by not hitting its initially announced $199 Eee PC price tag, however there are now very capable netbooks around $300, like some models of the Acer AspireOne.
Asus then followed by releasing the Eee Box, bringing low powered tiny desktops to the public - sure they won't run Crysis, but they will do office apps and internet browsing, for less money, and while only sipping power compared to gaming boxes, and they can save even more money by avoiding the Microsoft Tax, by shipping a friendly Linux distribution pre-installed on the computer.
Low power computers are in fact enough for most people's use, and make excellent second, third or fourth computers in a family home. After all, how much power do you need to run Open Office and FireFox? Not much.
Here is the specifications for the D945GCLF2, taken from its manual on the supplied CD:
Mini-ITX form factor 6.75"x6.75"
Dual Core Intel Atom processor
one 240 pin DIMM socket supporting 533/667MHz single channel DDR2 up to 2GB in size
Intel 945GC chipset: 82945GC Northbridge with integrated graphics, 82801GB ICH7 Southbridge
GMA 950 integrated graphics
S-Video output via Chrontel CH7021A SDTV/HDTV encoder
RealTek ALC662 codec with HDA and 6 channel audio
SPDIFF header on motherboard
one PCI slot
8 USB2.0 ports (4 on back panel, 4 on two headers)
one IDE interface
two SATA2 interfaces
one VGA connector
one S-Video port
one parallel port
one serial port
PS/2 keyboard and mouse ports
Intel BIOS with SMBIOS support, Rapid BIOS boot, Express BIOS Update
Gigabit Ethernet
ACPI support, Wake on USB, PCI, PS/2, Lan
supports Windows Vista Home Basic, Windows XP Home and Pro, 32 bit and 64 bit
For a small board, it is certainly not short of features!